Relaxation for Women 


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Hoppers Crossing. Vic. Australia


I help Women to find their best and manage your emotions by listening  and explore relaxation methods  
and meditations for when you feel stressed, upset or tired in your everyday situations.
Is about finding  Balance. No perfection.

TPersonal Growth
he Coaching is to create steps to your best Self , by developing your character , to see yourself in a new way to learn and apply new strategies to obtain your goals.
I will  listen to your feelings and ideas, to find your, Balance and General well being. 

My background as a Personal Growth Coach. Counselling and Meditation will allow me to give you experiences and  tools for you to choose to apply in your daily life.

These practices are a part of my life for 20 + years. I believe that the conjunction of these practices is a powerful  tool of personal transformation. That will help in any situation, whether you are by yourself or relating to others.  

If you are struggling with a significant change, transition or relationship or looking for meaning in your life.

This Coaching will make you grow personally from the inside out.

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Here are some of the Tools 

Body-Mind Relaxation - Breathing Work related to our daily accumulative pressures and fear base thoughts putting ourselves into of panic, anxiety and low immune system. 

Expanding awareness of Thoughts. Creating an encouraging mind.

Meditations to your Calm Best Self 

Personal Growth Session - Exploring different aspects of your life.
First Session  $70 Up to 1 hour . Expected Fortnightly following up Sessions $60 
With Health Care Card $60